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Social Conventions

People in Brunei are very polite and well-mannered. The idea of “maintaining face” is very important to the population and people will do their best to avoid causing issues or problems. Respect is very important and visitors should do their best to abide by certain social conventions.

• Modest dress is very important – women should ensure arms and knees are covered.• Remove shoes when entering mosques or Muslim homes.• Some people do not shake hands with members of the opposite sex.• It is rude to point with index fingers, the right thumb should be used instead.• It is considered rude to refuse refreshments.• It is rude to eat in public during Ramadan.


Islam is the official state religion with approximately two thirds of the population being Muslim, however freedom of religion is guaranteed in Brunei. It is estimated that around 13% of the population are Buddhist (mainly of Chinese background) with 10% belonging to Christian denominations.


The official language of Brunei is Standard Malai, however English is used in business and in secondary education.

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